News and information from the field of logistics <  1 / 2  > <  1 / 2  > Truck drivers must pay fine even Can a truck driver from the specified dispatchers as part of the tour does not create statutory driving and rest periods and driving anyway, he must pay the fine himself. This was decided by the Court of Appeal (LAG) Rhineland-Palatinate (AZ: 497 Sat 3/09). Even if the employer with the truck drivers threat of termination of the employment contract, which was not a valid reason to violate existing laws. The truckers had to pay 8250 EUR. Tip: The truck driver should indicate its dispatchers to the threat of violation of law, if necessary, inform his superiors. Because often can cause a call to the recipient that another Time window is possible. This can be avoided all conflict of laws. (Boe / hec) New GGVSEB is published The Federal Ministry of Transport, the new version of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance Road, rail and inland waterways and inland navigation in the Federal Law Gazette Part I, Section 4 of 6 Published in February. The regulation applies retroactively from 1 January 2013. ADR certificate only with photo The new ADR license there since the beginning, only a check card with photo. This also applies for replacement certificates in case of loss or theft of the old certificate in paper form. Even candidates who participated in any exam for a repeat examination in the year 2012, are affected. This means for the issue of ADR license that for a repeat test (initial test in 2012) or the replacement exhibition since 1 January 2013, a passport photo in image quality according to Annex 8 of the Regulation passport is always required. Previously issued by the ICC ADR certificates in paper form (orange) may still be used until the end of their five- year duration. Driver must warn of insufficient assurance JUDGMENT Even if the client loads the truck, the driver must obviously due to insufficient Load securing point to this deficiency. This has the Higher Regional Court of Hamm in its judgment of 23 February 2012 (18 U 126/11) decided. In the case of a manufacturer loaded up the truck with a heavy machine 15t, and fortified them with 15 lashings. The receiver noted significant damage. The damage is dealt, the carrier did not want to use. He pointed out that the sender had loaded the machine. Although the client has to provide for the safe loading operation, unless otherwise agreed. But for the truck business by the weight clear that 15Zurrgurte not enough, he must point out the principal. This also applies to the driver. Since this had not responded, the court found contributory negligence. Therefore has the trucking companies to carry half the damage. (Mn / hec) These fines and points threaten "Winter muffles" caught the police vehicle not fair weather tires, comes to the driver in each case, a fine of 40 euros. • If there is not the proper tires to a disability, falling to 80 euros. • When a danger to other 100 euros are due. • If the result of an accident, this will cost 120 euros. In addition, the driver is a penalty point in Flensburg "credited". (How will this look like in the new points system has not yet been clarified. But it will certainly not fail milder.) How to recognize "real" winter tires According to § 2 para 3a road traffic regulations (Highway Code) are required tires in winter conditions that satisfy the properties defined in the European Directives (M + S tires). Then M + S tires are those in which the tread pattern and structure are designed so that they mainly mud and fresh or melting snow a performance better than not winter-proof tires. The profile of the tread of the M + S tires is generally characterized by larger grooves and / or blocks which are separated by large gaps, as is the case with non-suitable for winter tires. Such tires are referred to in common parlance as winter tires, sold as such and with an M + S symbol (sometimes in conjunction with the mountain snowflake symbol with only one or snowflake) marked. But also all-season tires can show the above characteristics, are then marked accordingly. Winter tires have a minimum tread depth of 4 mm. In addition, a winter tire must not be older than 6 years. The age of a tire, you can easily determine. The year of manufacture is indicated namely since 2000, 4 digits on each tire. Example: 2503 = 25 Week 2003. Truck tolls on federal highways as of 1 August 2012 and raised on four multi-lane highways The Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development has brought the start regulation on the collection of the toll to at least four-and multi-lane highways on the way. Then for 84 road sections or approximately 1,000 km of federal roads with motorway similar standard from 1 August 2012, the toll apply. The compilation of the relevant federal roads was published in the electronic Federal Gazette and on the Internet. The legal documents were with the Federal Trunk Road Toll Act on 19 Created in July 2011. The ordinance now specifies the exact starting date for tolling on the affected highways. The existing toll system on motorways have been added to the toll road network. Toll Ausweichverkehre be largely avoided, because it mostly involving routes feeding anyway toll motorways in the toll highways. Due to the uniform toll rates for highways and motorways of the collection system is user-friendly and transparent. The additional toll revenue will go directly to the road construction budget and used to finance much-needed development and conservation measures. External link to the toll table External link to the map  Partner :  ______________________ Wählen Sie ihre Sprache choose your language GLL Gefahrgut Ladungssicherung & Logistic GmbH - Ulzburger Strasse 42b - 22399 Hamburg - Tel.: +49 (0)40 3596 1914 - Fax: +49 (0)40 3596 0864