Driving bans 2013 <  1 / 2  > Quelle BAG Truck driving ban in the holiday travel time In the period from 1 July and 31 August 2012, the heavy truck traffic in the Federal Republic of Germany is limited. We ask for your understanding for these measures, which are necessary in the interest of a smooth holiday travel. Following vehicles fall under the prohibition: Trucks with a gross vehicle weight over 7.5 tonnes and trailers behind trucks. Prohibition times: All Saturdays from 1 July to 31 August 2012 respectively from 7.00 - 20.00 clock. Ban Routes: see below Sunday ban: The on Sundays and public holidays from 0.00 - 22.00 clock in force for the entire road network traffic ban (Section 30, paragraph 3 Road Traffic Regulations) applies unchanged. Granting of exemptions: Grant waivers where justified, the relevant road authorities of the federal states. For retracting from the neighboring states of the Federal Republic of Germany trucks each road authority is responsible for the district where the border crossing is located, is reached via the German territory. General exemptions: The prohibition does not apply 1.kombinierten freight rail-road from the shipper to the nearest loading station or from the nearest unloading station to the receiver. 2.kombinierten freight Harbour Road between loading or unloading and situated within a radius of 150 kilometers, the port (On or dissipation). 3.Beförderungen of a) fresh milk and fresh milk products, b) fresh meat and fresh meat products, c) fresh fish, live fish and fresh fish products, d) perishable fruits and vegetables, 4.Leerfahrten which are in connection with the above-mentioned trips. 5.For all goods loaded the required freight or accompanying documents shall be kept and handed over to the persons responsible for inspection on demand. The prohibition applies to the following highway routes (in both directions): • A 1of the Köln-west via the motorway junction Leverkusen-West, Wuppertal, Kamen intersection, Munster to Cloppenburg junction and from junction to Oyten Horster triangle • A 2by motorway intersection Oberhausen to junction Bad Oeynhausen • A motorway intersection Oberhausen 3by to junction Köln-Ost by Mönchhofdreieck about to Frankfurter Kreuz motorway junction Nürnberg • A 4 / E 40von junction Erfurt Vieselbach to the junction Hermsdorf-East • A 5by Darmstadt intersection via Karlsruhe to junction Neuchâtel • A 6by Schwetzingen-Hockenheim junction to junction Nürnberg-Süd • A 7von junction Schleswig / Jagel to exit Hamburg-Schnelsen North of junction Soltau-East to exit Göttingen-Nord, auto junction Schweinfurt / Werneck on the motorway junction, highway Ulm / Elchingen and Allgäu junction to the motorway end state boundary feet • A 8by junction Karlsruhe to München-Obermenzing andfrom the München-Ramersdorf to exit Bad Reichenhall • A 9 / E 51Berliner ring (Branch Leipzig / Potsdam interchange) to junction München-Schwabing • A 10Berliner ring, except for the area between the junction on the motorway Berlin-Spandau Havelland to motorway junction Oranienburg, andthe area between the Spreeau motorway junction to junction Werder • A 45von Dortmund-south junction via Westhofener Cross and Cross Gambacher to Seligenstädter triangle • A 61von junction Meckenheim junction to junction Koblenz Hockenheim • A 81von motorway to junction Kreuz Weinsberg Gaertringen • A 92von motorway intersection München-Feldmoching connection Oberschleißheim andfrom Neufahrn to exit Erding • A 93von Inn Valley motorway junction to junction Reischenhart • A 99von motorway junction Munich South-West over the motorway intersection München-West motorway junction Munich-Allach, motorway intersection München-Feldmoching motorway intersection München-Nord motorway intersection München-Ost motorway junction Munich-South and motorway intersection München / Eschenried • A 215von junction to junction Bordesholm Blumenthal • A 831von Stuttgart-Vaihingen junction to junction Stuttgart • A 980von Allgäu junction to junction Waltenhofen • A 995von junction Sauerlach to motorway intersection München-Süd Federal Street: • B 31von Stockach-east of the junction A to junction 98 of the A96 cell Sigmar • 96 B / E 251Neubrandenburger ring to Berlin Source BAG All information provided here are taken from the specified sources, ie the responsibility lies with the sources. The information provided here does not exempt them if necessary to obtain information about the prohibitions and exceptions to the rule! <  1 / Top \ 2  >  Partner :  ______________________ Wählen Sie ihre Sprache choose your language GLL Gefahrgut Ladungssicherung & Logistic GmbH - Ulzburger Strasse 42b - 22399 Hamburg - Tel.: +49 (0)40 3596 1914 - Fax: +49 (0)40 3596 0864